Not tonight baby, I have a headache. Not tonight baby, I am tired. Not tonight baby…
Low libido is a very common sexual concern and I see patients who deal with it every day.

Both men and women can be affected by a lack of sexual desire. Before we can manage the problem with need to understand the reasons behind it. Check out these articles that discuss the causes of low libido in both men and women.

Once you know the reason behind your low libido, it’s not just a quick fix. So here are some tools that you can use to get over no libido.

  1. Communication

Communication is the foundation of a good relationship and having a good relationship will obviously help your sex life. Talk to your partner about what your expectations are with regards to your sex life. If you are happy with sex twice a month and your partner wants more sex, you can meet each other halfway. It is also important to talk about what you need. Your partner won’t know which buttons to press if you don’t communicate it.

  1. Spend more time together

This sounds very straightforward. But quality time with your partner might be the only thing you need to relight the candle. You need to spend time with your partner outside the bedroom to get things better inside the bedroom. Set time out for regular date nights and just enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Foreplay, foreplay and more foreplay

For most women their libido is a responsive sexual desire. This means that once there is stimulation and you become aroused you will respond to that with a desire to have sex. In many cases, people can enhance their sexual experiences by spending more time on touching, kissing and using sex toys. Having better sexual experiences will increase your desire for sex.

  1. Manage stress

Let’s face it, we all have stress. Unfortunately, stress can have a negative effect on your libido. Studies have shown that depression and anxiety in guys reduce libido and increase sexual dysfunction. There are several things one can do to manage anxiety, including:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Get a hobby
  • See a counsellor
  1. Get your hormones checked

Low testosterone is something that can affect both men and women. Testosterone is a hormone that is crucial for normal sexual function. Without it you might experience a low libido, poor arousal and difficulty reaching an orgasm.

As I mentioned, there is no quick fix to increase libido. If you feel that your libido is not where it should be, try some of the things we just discussed. But if you still struggle you may need to see a sexologist or sexual health doctor. Get the help you need, because having a fulfilling sex life is your right.